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If you won't be using your motorcycle much during the colder months, but you don't want it to waste away in storage, in this post by Oilrich in New Haven County, CT you will learn how to winterize it like an expert. 

When you ride your motorcycle, you're at the complete mercy of the elements, the weather, and the situations around you. This can be fine when the conditions are ideal, but when the weather is too cold, for example, having the freezing wind hit you in the face can be a nightmare. This is why people stop using their motorcycles during the colder months.

However, long periods of inactivity can take a toll on your motorcycle. If you want to guarantee that it will be good to go once spring rolls back around, you need to learn how to winterize it properly. For tips on the matter, you should continue reading the post below.

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How to Winterize Your Motorcycle

Consider the Fuel

A downside to an inactive motorcycle is that the fuel that was left in its tank will go stale. To make sure that it won't damage its inner components when you use your motorcycle again, you need to consider what to do with it. On the one hand, you can empty the tank fully. On the other, you can use a fuel stabilizer before winterizing the motorcycle.

Give It a Synthetic Oil Change

Even if you don't use your motorcycle during the winter months, letting the old, ineffective synthetic oil remain in its engine can be problematic once you start using it again. For that reason, it's a good idea to provide a synthetic oil change before you store your motorcycle. While you're at it, it's also important that you change out the oil filter so that you can ride your motorcycle effectively.

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Be Careful With the Battery

Your battery can also suffer some consequences if you keep your motorcycle stagnant for months. Mainly, the inactivity will result in a depleted battery and a motorcycle that won't be able to run. To winterize it properly:
  • remove the battery before storing the motorcycle
  • place the battery in a dry, safe, and clean spot
  • if possible, get a motorcycle-specific trickle charger with a monitor, and use it to recharge the battery a few times

Look After the Other Fluids

By now, you know how to take care of the fuel and the synthetic oil in your motorcycle. However, your motorcycle needs other fluids to work effectively (like the brake fluid and coolant in some cases).

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Clean Your Motorcycle Thoroughly

For some people, their motorcycle's cleanliness is only about the vehicle's appearance. However, this is wrong, since the filth and dirt that accumulates on the motorcycle can eat away at its components and affect their performance. To guarantee that this won't happen to your motorcycle while stored away, clean it thoroughly beforehand.

Store Your Motorcycle Properly

Last but not least, you actually have to store your motorcycle for the winter. To ensure your motorcycle will be ready to be ridden come springtime, you have to:
  • find the perfect spot to store it in; an enclosed space where it can be safe from the elements would be best.
  • use a thick tarp to cover the motorcycle and protect it from moisture, bugs, and dirt.
  • block the exhaust pipes with a piece of cloth or other material to keep rodents and bugs away
  • lastly, put your motorcycle on a stand so that the tires won't flatten as it's parked for months

A well-maintained motorcycle can guarantee that you'll be able to have more enjoyable rides on it. Call Oilrich at (203) 592-7113 or visit AMSOIL's online shop to get the best products for its maintenance, including the top-performing motorcycle synthetic oil in New Haven County, CT.


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