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Shopping for Oil?

Please choose a quality full synthetic lubricant for most applications.

Two definitions of synthetic are, 1; Made by a chemical process as opposed to being of a natural origin. 2; Usually designed to imitate a natural product.Examples include synthetic rubber, synthetic lubricating oil, synthetic textile fibers, etc.

Now let us relate this to automotive lubricating oils and drive train fluids. A synthesized lubricating fluid can be engineered to provide the best performance qualities needed for an application. Most auto enthusiasts have a favorite brand of oil. How a brand became their choice varies. For some it was based on a supplier’s marketing catching their eye, for others it was research and studying data bulletins, or personal experiences, or the products their favorite racing teams promote, or the oil that their mechanic recommends.

Many lubricant producers are offering “synthetic blends”. This allows the marketers of a blend to take advantage of the performance associated with the word synthetic without necessarily improving the product. In fact, it is possible to market a petroleum oil that uses an additive package that is considered a synthetic chemical as a “synthetic blend”. With no trade laws to guide us as to what a synthetic blend must be comprised of, consider selecting a “full” synthetic. Even then there are three groups of synthetic base stock oils. Sometime price is an indicator of quality, but not always.

Make sure that the oil you select is suited for your application. Is the oil for a modern passenger car, a diesel truck, a marine craft, a motorcycle, or a race car or an ATV/UTV? Formulations and additive packs vary greatly by application. It is best to buy a properly formulated oil to suit the requirements of your equipment rather than add aftermarket chemicals to a complex chemical formulation.

I can help you with the selection of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants, drivetrain fluids and associated products.


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