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During the hotter months, you must be really careful with your vehicle, since high temperatures can affect the car’s bodywork, operation, and power. Keep reading this post by Oil Rich to learn how to care for it during the upcoming hot season

The weather here isn’t hot or even sunny yet, but the hotter months of the year are just around the corner. This means that now it’s the right time to start preparing for when the heat gets intense. 

Your car can be prone to breakdowns on this season where the temperature goes up. Thus, here’s are a couple of details to keep in mind to take care of your vehicle at this time. 

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Check the Tires 

Tires are more likely to reach a higher temperature during spring and summer, and if their pressure is below the average level, the tread will overheat, reducing the life and performance of your tires. Take this season as an opportunity to check their pressure occasionally to avoid any problems and ensure a safe ride. 

Don’t Forget Your Engine

Every vehicle has an engine temperature gauge, which is usually placed next to the fuel gauge, you should check it regularly; the problem comes when the temperature gauge reaches the red zone, since the engine runs the risk of burning itself. If you notice this, quickly turn the car’s heater to its highest level and park. Once you detect that the temperature has dropped, you can take your car to a mechanic to have your engine evaluated by a professional.

The Body Is Also Important 

Just as you protect your skin from the sun, the body of your vehicle also needs care on hot days, mainly because the paint loses its shine over time. In addition to painting, exterior plastics and rear-view mirrors, among other objects, fade when exposed to the sun for long periods. The same with the door seals and the wiper rubbers.

You can upgrade maintenance by trying to wash your car frequently using UV protection wax to take care of the body, and don’t forget to take it in for specialized maintenance from time to time. 

Tips to Take Care of Your Car from the Heat 

There are several reasons why the cooling system, which is in charge of keeping the engine’s temperature within optimum working conditions, stops performing correctly, resulting in engine overheating problems. 

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Coolant Loss 

The coolant is a very important resource for the engine, since it protects it and ensures its proper operation. Its losses are mostly due to leaks in the radiator, hoses, or the water pump, as well as obstructions due to dirt or lack of maintenance. 

Another cause of leakage may be due to a bad radiator cap. Thus, it wouldn’t withstand the pressure of the radiator and the coolant would leak, causing the engine to heat up. 

For proper operation of the cooling system, rely on AMSOIL’s Low Toxicity Antifreeze and Engine Coolant to maximize the cooling system’s protection in extreme temperatures while decreasing any threats to children and animals with its low toxicity levels. 

Excess of Traffic 

If your car has stopped for long periods of time, and there is not enough air circulating through the engine to cool it, it can cause the engine to overheat. In this case, you can turn off the air conditioning and turn on the heating at maximum fan speed. Since heating is part of the cooling system, turning it on can help release heat from the engine. 

Electric Radiator Fan 

The function of the fan is to let air pass from outside the car through the radiator to dissipate heat under the hood. It works when the car runs at low speed or if it’s stopped, it also helps the coolant to lower its temperature and re-enter the engine. 

You can check if it’s in good condition by taking it to the shop for maintenance or for the mechanic to detect any problem. 

Improve Engine Performance at Home with the Synthetic Oil Change in Connecticut

Regular vehicle upkeep will go a long way to ensure a good performance, but joining forces with the best synthetic oil will extend the overall life usage of your car and prevent it from overheating. To find out more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change and place orders for AMSOIL products, call (203) 592-7113, and the experts at Oil Rich will be happy to help you!

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