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If you want to contribute to helping the environment and lessen the carbon dioxide emissions from your vehicle, you should follow the tips in this post by Oilrich in New York to make your vehicle greener and more eco-friendly. 

With the current environmental situation, it's more important than ever before that everybody makes an effort to counteract their individual contribution to global warming and climate change. If you're a vehicle owner, this means being more aware of your vehicle and the carbon dioxide it emits into the air. 

If you want to be a greener and more eco-conscious driver, there are things you can do to lower your emissions. To learn a few tactics that you can put to good use, continue reading the post below. 

A well-maintained vehicle is a less wasteful and greener vehicle. Call Oilrich at (203) 592-7113 or visit AMSOIL's online shop to get the best products for your vehicle's maintenance, like the top synthetic oil in New York. 

How to Make Your Vehicle Greener 

Maintain Your Vehicle in Perfect Condition 

The first and most important tip to have a greener vehicle is to care for its condition. The better maintained your vehicle is, the more eco-friendly it will be. This is because a vehicle that's in top working shape is more fuel-efficient, which means it's less wasteful. Take your vehicle to a mechanic at least twice a year to that end. 

Don't Drive Like a Madman 

Anything that stresses out the engine will make it more wasteful, which in turn will increase its contribution to air pollution. To guarantee you're not doing this, you should drive around more gently. This is because driving like a madman can overwork your engine since it'll have to strain to keep up with all of the commands you're throwing at it. 

Plan Your Drives Out 

Driving around aimlessly is a surefire way to increase your carbon dioxide emissions. For that reason, before you head out on the road, you should plan your drives. Know where you're going and the best route to get there. This won't only help you be more environmentally friendly, it will also help you save money on gas and it will lessen the amount of time you spend sitting in traffic. 

Ensure that your engine continues to work smoothly and powerfully to make it more eco-friendly. To that end, use AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil, the top-performing synthetic oil in New York. 

Do Not Overuse Your Vehicle 

When you have a vehicle, it can seem a lot easier to hop on it and go. However, remember that there are alternative modes of transportation. If the conditions and the distance allow it, you can walk to places, bike, roller skate, take the bus, or take the train. If possible, you can even organize a carpool in your neighborhood, at school, or at work. Lowering your dependency on your vehicle will lower your emissions, too. 

Drive Around in a Light Vehicle 

As mentioned above, the more your engine has to work to get you moving, the more it will pollute the air. For that reason, you should help it out and make its job easier. For example, if you treat your vehicle like a rolling junkyard, stop. The engine will have a harder time moving a heavier vehicle, so travel light to drive green. 

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Be Aware of How You Stay Fresh 

During the hotter months, staying fresh inside the vehicle becomes a necessity. Unfortunately, both turning the AC on and rolling the windows down can increase your emissions. The former wastes more power, while the latter makes the vehicle heavier. In the end, you need to research your options and go for the one that makes the most sense for your situation. 

Make Use of a High-Quality Fuel Additive 

Finally, if you want to care for your vehicle, your wallet, and the environment, you should use a high-quality fuel additive. A more fuel-efficient vehicle is one that will emit fewer pollutants. A top- performing product such as AMSOIL P.i. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive will help you make the most out of the fuel that you pour into your vehicle. 

Have a greener vehicle and care for your wallet with the continued use of AMSOIL's full line of high-quality products. Call Oilrich at (203) 592-7113 or visit AMSOIL's online shop to place an order for the best synthetic oil in New York. 

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