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While not everyone operates a diesel engine, a lot of us heat our homes with #2 fuel oil. Amsoil's Diesel Injector Clean, product code ADF, is specifically recommended to treat home heating oil, providing the same benefits it does for diesel engines. Considering that a 330 gallon tank of home heating oil costs about $450.00, isn't it worth adding a half gallon of Amsoil Diesel Injector Clean (ADF) to it to maximize its performance in your furnace or boiler? It surely is!  AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean used as a Heating Oil Improver provides many of the same benefits in heating oil furnace and boiler applications. It provides fuel-oil storage stability, corrosion protection, fuel-oil filter longevity and its exceptional cleaning properties help keep fuel-oil nozzles clean for proper spray. AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow Improver is recommended where fuel oil is stored outside at temperatures below 32˚F. See fuel additives.

 (203) 592-7113

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