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  Many newer automobile engines are using quantities of oil that would have only been associated with that of well-used cars. Their manufacturers are stating that this is normal. While it may be “normal”, this oil usage would not make me happy as a new vehicle owner. Some of the causes of oil usage may be attributed to the quest for fuel efficiency. Designing engines with low tension piston rings and requiring lower viscosity lubricants does reduce fuel usage but may cause the engine to burn more oil. Engine oil’s tendency to evaporate at high temperature is quantified by the NOACK volatility test (ASTM D- 5800). The results are given as a percent of the oils weight. This can vary by manufacturer and formulation and is usually published in the oils data sheet. Selecting an oil of the original equipment manufacturer’s recommended grade, with a lower NOACK volatility percentage, can help reduce oil usage somewhat. However this type of oil usage is really an engine design issue.

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