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Shopping for Oil?

Please choose a quality full synthetic lubricant for most applications.

Two definitions of synthetic are, 1; Made by a chemical process as opposed to being of a natural origin. 2; Usually designed to imitate a natural product.Examples include synthetic rubber, synthetic...

Adequate diesel fuel lubricity is essential for protecting the highly engineered components in modern diesel engines, particularly high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) engines, which are subject to increased wear and deposits that interfere with an optimum spray pattern, reducing power and fuel...

Sometimes getting the job done means pushing your UTV to its limits. You know you shouldn't load the bed over capacity or lay into the gas to pull that stubborn stump from the ground. But you do it anyway – the job must get done.

That's why AMSOIL formulates its synthetic ATV/UTV lubricants to...
 AMSOIL® has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to the development and production of innovative synthetic oil products. Now AMSOIL® is making similar impressions with a packaging concept for one of our product lines. Our flexible "Easy Pack" allows access to fill ports on...

What does an SAE engine oil grade really mean?

Let’s begin to understand. The number preceding the W is the dynamic viscosity range of the oil. In other words, how much energy is necessary to move the oil at cold temperatures? The W stands for winter and means that the oil has a cold temperature...
Ping, Knock, Detonation, LSPI (Low Speed Pre-Ignition) or Super Knock

These are names for conditions that can cause damage to the pistons in our engines. LSPI (Low Speed Pre-Ignition), the newest of this type of phenomena is also the most damaging. This “Super Knock” can occur when turbo charged...
While not everyone operates a diesel engine, a lot of us heat our homes with #2 fuel oil. Amsoil's Diesel Injector Clean, product code ADF, is specifically recommended to treat home heating oil, providing the same benefits it does for diesel engines. Considering that a 330 gallon tank of...
 Dictionaries describe UNIQUE as unlike anything else, and PROPRIETARY as something that is produced under exclusive rights of the inventor or maker. UNIQUE and PROPRIETARY are also how the AMSOIL corporation describes it's lubricant formulations. Many of the lubricants that are available...
  Many newer automobile engines are using quantities of oil that would have only been associated with that of well-used cars. Their manufacturers are stating that this is normal. While it may be “normal”, this oil usage would not make me happy as a new vehicle owner. Some of the causes of...
An engine oil has seven basic functions. LUBRICATING the moving parts and reducing friction in an engine comes to mind as obvious. COOLING, as much as 40% of engine cooling is facilitated by the engine oil. SEALING pistons, rings and cylinders and supporting mechanical seals. TRANSFERING power as...

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